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Same-Day Smile Transformations. Technology Like You’ve Never Seen. Compassion Like No Other.

Same-Day. Smile. Makeovers.

And we’re right here in Rochester, NY, too!

Satellite Animated, Celestial Dental | General Dentist



Astronaut Animate, Celestial Dental | General Dentist

How? Dr. C is constantly staying on top of technological advances in dentistry. Aside from investing in the best equipment available, Dr. C has developed a highly-efficient process and has received extensive specialized training.


As a general dentist in Henrietta, NY, Celestial offers all facets of dental care to ensure you maintain a stellar smile for life!

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You won’t have to wait weeks to see us!

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Whitening, Celestial Dental | General DentistTeeth Whitening

Crowns, Celestial Dental | General DentistSame-Day Crowns & Bridges

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Sleep 2, Celestial Dental | General DentistOral Sedation

Dentures, Celestial Dental | General DentistDentures & Partials

Why a Dental Office with a Space Theme?

“As a child, I was fascinated by all aspects of science. TV Shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Magic School Bus were my favorites. I was captivated by the oceans, medicine, dinosaurs, and of course, astronomy.

When I was eight years old, a book I received from my grandparents instigated my interest in teeth. I was only six when I first read about the Apollo missions and spacecraft journeying the solar system. To this day, I am still wowed and humbled by the greatness of the universe – how can you not be?

I’ve been told that the practice feels more like a museum than a dental office. Mission accomplished – my passion for astronomy has made many anxious patients feel at ease. Also, when was the last time you looked up and appreciated the night sky?”

– Dr. Antonio Calascibetta (“Dr. C”)
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This is an annual membership plan that allows individuals and families who don’t have dental insurance to receive quality dental care at affordable rates.

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  • No pre-authorization required
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