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Getting Started

Getting Started with Celestial Dental, Getting Started, Celestial Dental | General Dentist

The most important parts of any healthy relationship are that of communication, trust, and respect.

This will be evident in your first visit at Celestial Dental and every visit thereafter. At your first visit, you will meet our doctor for an interview and examination. No two mouths are alike – each exam is tailored to your needs and wants.

We are here to guide you and your oral health in a professional and scientifically sound manner. Dr. C is a doctor of compassion, not judgment. It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve last been to the dentist – he and his team are here to help you.

Preparing for Your Visit:

We want your appointment to be as smooth as possible. Help us make that happen by completing a few things:

  1. Bring a government-issued ID
  2. Bring a copy of your dental insurance
  3. Get directions to the office
  4. Arrive 10 minutes early

Please contact us 48 hours in advance for appointment cancellations.

First Appointment Expectations:

1. Our new patient exams for adults are 90 minutes long.

We start off with x-rays of your teeth and gums and intraoral pictures of your teeth. We also assess the health of your gums. 

2. After reviewing everything going on in your mouth, we hold a case conversation.

Dr. C will inform you of his concerns, and then together we will figure out what is the best course of treatment for you. Your teeth are then cleaned, and the order of scheduled treatment is then decided.

3. Our patients are more to us than just a mouth and teeth.

Dr. C and the staff genuinely look forward to hearing about work and school, your family, and any hobbies you enjoy!

Payment Options:

We accept cash and all major credit cards. We offer Sunbit as a financing option.

We do not accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay (we will in the future though).

Insurances we accept

  • Excellus (all including Dental Blue Option; does not include Blue Choice Option or Child Health Plus)
  • Guardian
  • United Healthcare

We are 100% transparent with our fees. Pre-determinations made with your dental insurance allow you to know what your out-of-pocket costs will be immediately.

We DO NOT accept

  • Medicaid
  • Healthplex
  • Fidelis
  • or other state insurance plans

Insurances of Some Major Employers We Accept:


Canandaigua National Bank (CNB)


Genesee Regional Bank (GRB)



Monroe Community College (MCC)

SUNY Geneseo

University of Rochester

Rochester Institute of Technology

School Districts




McQuaid Jesuit

Mt. Morris

Rochester City Schools

No insurance? No problem! Check out our in-house membership plan:

Star Membership

What is crowding?
Crowded teeth are a very common and obvious problem. Teeth overlap and can even
become twisted when there isn’t enough room for them in the mouth. Crowding tends to worsen as you age if not corrected.

What if you don’t fix it?
Crowded teeth are hard to clean between, making them prone to collecting dental debris and putting them at risk for tooth decay and gum disease. They are also at high risk of premature wear and fracture.

How do you correct crowding?
Orbit Clear Aligners can correct tooth crowding.

What is an overbite?
Overbite is a misalignment of the bite causing the upper front teeth to mostly or entirely cover the lower front teeth. Overbites are normally the result of having a small lower jaw. The lower front teeth may bite into the roof of the mouth and experience crowding issues as a result of the poor alignment.

What if you don’t fix it?
Because an overbite is a jaw alignment problem, not just a teeth alignment problem, depending on the severity, your doctor may want to first correct the jaw alignment.

How do you correct an overbite?
Because an overbite is connected to jaw alignment problems, a clear aligner may not be sufficient to correct the problem. Some cases are treatable with aligners like Orbit, however. If you have an overbite and want to see if you qualify for Orbit Clear Aligners, contact us.

What is spacing?
A little space is good for teeth. But too much can give you a gap-toothed appearance. Excessive spacing can be caused by having a jaw that’s larger than ideal for all your teeth, but often it is also caused by tooth angles or molars that aren’t rotated correctly. Gaps can also develop as a result of gum disease or tooth loss.

What if you don’t fix it?
Some people feel self-conscious about the gaps in their teeth. And others may struggle with biting and chewing certain foods or speaking clearly.

How do you correct spacing?
Treatment with Orbit Clear Aligners is a great way to straighten teeth and close up unwanted gaps in your smile.

What is an overjet?
An overjet is when the upper teeth protrude forward and sit in front of the bottom teeth. An overjet can not only affect your appearance, but can also cause difficulty chewing, drinking, and biting. Often referred to as “buck teeth” an overjet is frequently cause by a habit like thumb-sucking that pushed the front teeth out of healthy alignment.

What if you don’t fix it?
Moderate cases can cause uneven tooth wear and severe cases can lead to jaw pain. Many people are also self-conscious of this type of bite misalignment.

How do you correct an overjet?
Treatment with a Orbit Clear Aligners can be a very effective way to correct an overjet and bring the teeth back to a healthy alignment.

What is a crossbite?
Your upper teeth are supposed to close down slightly over the outsides of your lower teeth. But in a crossbite, one or more of your lower teeth overlap the front outer surface of your upper teeth. Crossbites can occur in front or back teeth. Crossbites are often due to a discrepancy in the jaw or tooth positioning or both.

What if you don’t fix it?
A crossbite in front teeth puts them at risk for chipping and gum recession. A crossbite in back teeth can cause uneven wear and damage.

How do you correct an overjet?
Orbit Clear Aligners can be used to treat crossbites caused by tooth positioning. If the crossbite jaw positioning, your orthodontist may want to first correct the jaw alignment, using a Motion 3D appliance or another method, before finishing your treatment with Orbit Clear Aligners.

What is an underbite?
An underbite is when your lower jaw protrudes beyond your upper jaw, and lower teeth sit in front of the upper teeth. The opposite of an overjet, underbites are primarily due to genetics and sometimes caused by childhood habits.

What if you don’t fix it?
Underbites can make some people feel self-conscious about their smile. Left untreated if can sometimes lead to rapid tooth wear on your molars, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ syndrome) problems and jaw pain.

How do you correct an overjet?
Because an underbite is a jaw alignment problem, not just a teeth alignment problem, your orthodontist may want to first correct the jaw alignment, using a Motion 3D appliance or another method, before finishing your treatment with Orbit Clear Aligners.

What is an open bite?
An open bite is any spot in your smile where your upper and lower teeth don’t touch when you bite down. Teeth in an open bite often have a protruded appearance. An open bite most often appears between upper and lower teeth at the front of the mouth as a result of habits like thumb-sucking or tongue-thrusting.

What if you don’t fix it?
Open bites can make it very difficult to speak clearly or to use your teeth to bite into foods like sandwiches and apples.

How do you correct an overjet?
A clear aligner is an excellent way to fix an open bite. If you have an open bite that you would like to correct, Orbit Clear Aligners are an excellent way to fix an open bite.

What are crooked teeth?
Your front teeth are misangled, accompanied by some level of crowding.

What if you don’t fix it?
They're difficult to clean between, resulting in dental debris and decay. They are also at a high risk of premature wear and fracture.​

How do you correct an overjet?
Orbit Clear Aligners correct crooked teeth and crowding.