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Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Same-Day Wisdom Teeth Removal in Rochester, NY

You don’t need to be a current patient in our office to get a tooth pulled!
We are seeing patients for emergency wisdom tooth removal right now!

Why Choose Us for Wisdom Tooth Removal?

✔  Same-Day & Evening Visits
✔  Laughing Gas & Oral Sedation Available
✔  Dental Anxiety Relaxation Techniques
✔  Service Dog Available 🐕
✔  Text Reminders & Communication
✔  Office Sanitized at a Surgical Level
✔  Highly Rated on Google, Facebook, & Yelp

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Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Swelling or Infection?

Unable to Eat or Chew?

Severe Tooth Pain?

Unable to Sleep?

Want It Out ASAP?

Wisdom teeth should be removed only if there is a good clinical reason to do so. We will take X-rays and thoroughly examine your mouth before making any decisions. We are experts on pain management and will ensure you feel comfortable during your entire visit.

How Soon Can You Get Here?

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Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Give You Anxiety?

To help care for anxiety levels ranging from moderate to severe, we provide maximum comfort from your first examination to the end of your recovery.

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Laughing Gas Available 😷

We are a local dentist that uses laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide.

This is a mild dental sedative that helps take the edge off, so you feel stress-free and more comfortable. This option is especially effective for children.

We very carefully administer the laughing gas to a degree in which you feel comfortable and slowly bring you off it once the procedure is done. Super easy!

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Watch Us In Action!

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Oral Sedation Available 🌌

For patients who would like a deeper level of sedation, the combination of laughing gas and sedative pills may be the right choice for you.

This combination will bring you to a state of sleepiness or apathy, meaning you just won’t care about what’s going on.

After your appointment, you’ll have little memory of what happened. More importantly, your dental work is behind you!

Relax… You’re in GREAT hands!

We’ve successfully treated thousands of patients who have suffered from dental phobia, dental anxiety, and dental fears. 

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We’ve GOT You! 🥰

Dr. C specifically chose each team member for his or her positive energy, caring nature, and anxiety-relieving presence.

Plus, each has been trained with the appropriate relaxation techniques to reduce your nervousness.

Any dental fear is our #1 top priority to alleviate!

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Watch Us In Action!

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YES! A Doggo for Your Lap 🐕

Introducing the Muttnik Program (named by Dr. C).

We use a specially-trained service dog to provide comfort and support for patients experiencing anxiety during dental treatment.

Service dogs can help patients relax and feel more comfortable. They can also help reduce a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Ask our team about specific days we offer our pup!

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Weighted, Heated Blankets 😎

Quite a therapeutic feeling…

Simply resting under one scientifically helps improve comfort, ease anxiety, induce calmness, and relieve overall stress.

Oh, and it also keeps you warm!

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Catch Up On Your Shows 🤷🏻‍♂️

Get your mind completely off your anxiety by watching live TV, Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN on the TV above you.

You’ll be completely distracted… and completely entertained! 👍🏼


How long will removing my wisdom tooth take?

The procedure itself takes approximately 30-60 minutes, but plan to be at the office for about 90 minutes.

Will the actual dental extraction hurt?

The area will be numb, so you shouldn’t feel any pain as your wisdom teeth are removed. In the event that you do feel pain, tell your dentist, and he will provide you with more anesthetic. 

How will I feel after getting my wisdom tooth removed?

On the day of surgery, you may experience some minor pain and bleeding. Everyone’s reaction to surgery varies, and the pain can range from mild discomfort to extremely painful. A consultation with us will allow us to properly medicate you so that the discomfort afterward is minimal, if any.

Swelling can be expected following the surgery and usually peaks during day 2 through day 4. Again, the medications we prescribe will help lessen the swelling you.

How long is the overall recovery process?

On average, the overall recovery process will last for 3-7 days.

For all-around post-procedure care (home care instructions), you’ll be able to refer to the post-procedure handout provided after your treatment. You’ll also be able to call/text us with any questions.

What problems will happen if I don’t have my wisdom teeth removed?

Here are some potential problems that can occur if you don’t remove your wisdom teeth:

  • Infections: The most frequent problem seen is pericoronitis (a localized gum infection).
  • Cyst Formation: Cysts are fluid-filled balloons inside the jawbone. They form as a result of impacted teeth. Over time, they slowly expand and destroy adjacent jawbone and occasionally teeth.
  • Cavities: The position of your wisdom teeth may make them impossible to clean, allowing bacteria to thrive and release acid onto the wisdom tooth. In some cases, cavities can develop in the molars in front as well.

How much is the cost of wisdom tooth removal?

The fee is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • the difficulty in removing the teeth
  • which type of anesthesia is best for you
  • insurance coverage, if you have any

These factors will be determined during your consultation with the doctor. Our office has a solid reputation for being 100% transparent with all dental costs involved. We are clear, upfront with pricing, and there will never be surprise bills. We promise!

Is wisdom tooth removal covered by my insurance?

Every insurance company has a different policy regarding coverage. However, we will assure you obtain the maximum coverage for your treatment.

View the Insurances We Accept page. If you have any questions, give us a call at (585) 360-0202!

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