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We're a Dental Office That
Treats Patients with Anxiety

Dental Anxiety

Dentist for Anxiety in Rochester, NY

Fear of the dentist? Scared, stressed, or terrified? Has it been…YEARS?
We’re a dentist for dental anxiety. We’re 100% non-judgmental and pride ourselves on a gentle, loving touch.

Does This Sound Like You?

✔  “I actively avoid seeing the dentist.”
✔  “I have teeth that are particularly sensitive to pain.”
✔  “I’m terrified of drills, injections, & needles.”
✔  “I want to feel at ease while in a dental chair.”
✔  “I’m fully aware I’ve neglected the dentist for too long…”
✔  “I DO NOT want to be lectured or ridiculed.”
✔  “I just want a dental team that I can trust once & for all!”

Dental Anxiety

Let Us Change Your View of Dentistry Forever!

We’ve successfully treated thousands of patients who have suffered from dental phobia, dental anxiety, and dental fears.

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Your Dental Anxiety…Resolved!

From moderate to severe dental anxiety, we offer a painless, stress-free experience – one of maximum comfort and safety. Dr. C specifically designed our office to provide patients a calming, relaxing atmosphere!

Dental Anxiety

Laughing Gas Available 😷

We are a local dentist that uses laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide.

This is a mild dental sedative that helps take the edge off, so you feel stress-free and more comfortable. This option is especially effective for children.

We very carefully administer the laughing gas to a degree in which you feel comfortable and slowly bring you off it once the procedure is done. Super easy!

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Dental Anxiety

Oral Sedation Available 🌌

For patients who would like a deeper level of sedation, the combination of laughing gas and sedative pills may be the right choice for you.

This combination will bring you to a state of sleepiness or apathy, meaning you just won’t care about what’s going on.

After your appointment, you’ll have little memory of what happened. More importantly, your dental work is behind you!

Dental Anxiety

We’ve GOT You! 🥰

Dr. C specifically chose each team member for his or her positive energy, caring nature, and anxiety-relieving presence.

Plus, each has been trained with the appropriate relaxation techniques to reduce your nervousness.

Any dental fear is our #1 top priority to alleviate!

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Dental Anxiety

YES! A Doggo for Your Lap 🐕

Introducing the Muttnik Program (named by Dr. C).

We use a specially-trained service dog to provide comfort and support for patients experiencing anxiety during dental treatment.

Service dogs can help patients relax and feel more comfortable. They can also help reduce a patient’s blood pressure and heart rate.

Ask our team about specific days we offer our pup!

Dental Anxiety

Weighted, Heated Blankets 😎

Quite a therapeutic feeling…

Simply resting under one scientifically helps improve comfort, ease anxiety, induce calmness, and relieve overall stress.

Oh, and it also keeps you warm!

Dental Anxiety

Catch Up On Your Shows 🤷🏻‍♂️

Get your mind completely off your anxiety by watching live TV, Disney+, Hulu, or ESPN on the TV above you.

You’ll be completely distracted… and completely entertained! 👍🏼

Relax…You’re in GREAT hands.

Let’s get your mouth back in shape and deal with your dental fears once and for all! 

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Anxiety-Ridden Patients We’ve Treated