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When I was a child, I was fascinated by all aspects of science.

TV Shows like Bill Nye the Science Guy and The Magic School Bus were my favorites. I was captivated by the oceans, chemistry, geology, prehistory (including dinosaurs, thanks Jurassic Park), and of course, medicine. When I was only eight years old, a book I received from my grandparents on the human body instigated my interest in teeth in the first place.

Astronomy was my first venture into science. Reading about the other worlds out there, how far apart things are, how NASA and other space programs built probes and rockets to explore it all… it was something that, to this day, still amazes me. This clip from Bill Nye the Science Guy demonstrates how big our solar system is. How can that not blow your mind?!

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I will continually hear from my patients about their distaste for dentistry, and I get it, we’re not everyone’s top place to visit. In envisioning my practice, I wanted my patients to be sure they would feel compassion from my staff and top-notch service in a futuristic looking office.

Incorporating my passion in astronomy into my profession as we have done at Celestial Dental will detract from the dental atmosphere somewhat, and may bring about a sense of ease for patients. Also, when was the last time you looked up and appreciated the night sky?

We thought of a few names and decided on Celestial Dental; “celestial” meaning relating to the heavens or outer space.  As for “Launching Stellar Smiles” – I’m just a fan of wordplay 😉

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