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Get Amazing Results! The Same Day!

Celestial Dental is thrilled to offer the latest dental technologies including for Same Day Crowns. We can create customized restorations, such as crowns, in a single office visit! No more temporaries!

Many of our patients have busy lives and cannot lose weeks of time to traditional dental crowning methods. Opting for a same day crown has the following benefits:

✓ No temporary crowns
✓ Same-day, evening, & weekend visits
✓ Precise digital imaging that acquires the exact shape & size of teeth
✓ Perfect color blending
✓ Quick Procedure – While you wait

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You’ll be amazed at the speed and results of our technology. While you wait for your customized, tooth-colored restoration, you can listen to music, watch a movie/TV, or even play some retro video games. Our patients enjoy the benefit of having a complete repair done in just a few hours!!

Whenever restoration is sought, an impression of the tooth (or teeth) is required. In times past, dentists would have patients bite down on a soft substance that would harden in the mouth. The result would be a physical impression that would sometimes have flaws if the biting tray shifted in any way.

We utilize 3D digital cameras to form exact optical impressions. The preparation for the impression only requires the application of a non-toxic, tasteless powder on the tooth or restoration area.

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About Us, Same Day Crowns, Celestial Dental | General Dentist
About Us, Same Day Crowns, Celestial Dental | General Dentist
About Us, Same Day Crowns, Celestial Dental | General Dentist
About Us, Same Day Crowns, Celestial Dental | General Dentist
About Us, Same Day Crowns, Celestial Dental | General Dentist

What Our Patients Are Saying

  • Bill Hooper
    1/25/2021 - Google

    Over my 73 years I've been fortunate to have had mostly good experiences with the different dentists that I've been a patient . Obviously I've liked some more that others... read more

    Noneof yourbusiness
    1/24/2021 - Google

    I had a broken molar that was causing me pain. I had called so many dental offices but none seem to perform emergency services. I almost gave up calling around... read more

    Jackson Guck
    1/23/2021 - Google

    Absolutely love coming to this place the people are the nicest and treat you with quality care. The office also looks amazing I love the space theme.

  • Fetia Faggiano
    1/08/2021 - Google

    Without a doubt the Absolute BEST DENTIST in New York... I love the whole team! Rosanna is the Nicest she goes Above & Beyond for you! Dr. C is so... read more

    Lauren A.
    5 star rating
    1/06/2021 - Yelp

    Y'all. I called this place at 830 in the morning (12/6/21)they got me in at 1030, and I was out of the office by 12. I had an infected tooth... read more

    Brenda Boyd
    1/06/2021 - Google

    Celestial Dental is out of this world, crazy good. I have had two visits there – one was an urgent appointment, one was a cleaning appointment. During each... read more

  • Riles
    12/23/2020 - Google

    Celestial Dental is without a doubt fantastic! They really go out of their way to insure a patients comfort. Not once was I nervous or worried with them. Dr. C... read more

    Matt Loredo
    12/19/2020 - Facebook

    From the receptionist trying to work around my schedule to get me in asap, to the friendliness of the dental assistants, to the courtesy and knowledge of Dr. C this... read more

    Melissa Sargent
    12/13/2020 - Google

    I have been going to Dr C for a few years. Every appointment has been fantastic. Celestial Dental is very professional, and also very welcoming. I... read more

  • Theresa Denney
    12/07/2020 - Facebook

    Best. Dentist. Ever. I cannot say enough good about this entire office. Friendly, calming, caring and wonderful!!

    JoANN Zarcone
    12/06/2020 - Google

    This past year I needed quite a bit of dental work that required a lot of attention. Doc "C" did an excellent job of fixing everything for me. ... read more

    Andrea Gardner
    11/21/2020 - Facebook

    Dr C and his assistant Hannah are amazing. My son Aj was so nervous but Dr C made him feel so comfortable and a very scary visit went extremely smooth.... read more

  • Jess Vittorio
    11/17/2020 - Facebook

    Dr c is the best hands down. Always makes sure you understand what you need and why. He always wants you to be comfortable as goes above and beyond. Everyone... read more

    Christine Eagan Tandy
    11/04/2020 - Facebook

    I am in my mid 50's and have had many dental (and TMJ) procedures done since I was a teenager. I know how hard it is to find a good... read more

    Eileen Fugle
    11/04/2020 - Google

    Dr. C was phenomenal! Just stellar! I went in with pain and walked out with relief! Thank you sooo much! The staff was perfect. By far, the best... read more

  • Hillary Pitcher
    10/18/2020 - Google

    Celestial Dental is without compare, the most phenomenal dental office I have ever been to, and I have been to a lot! I have never met a more knowledgeable, kind,... read more

    Alex Mulf
    10/18/2020 - Google

    The best dental care I have ever experienced!!!!!Professional, courteous, And extremely skillful. Staff was friendly and really made me feel at home. I would highly recommend this place! The... read more

    Sarah Swartzenberg
    10/18/2020 - Google

    Just had my first appointment & I love this place! The staff are all welcoming & knowledgeable. Will definitely be returning & recommending to anyone looking for a dentist!

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Mon: 8AM – 5PM
Tues: 11AM – 7PM
Wed: 8AM – 2PM
Thurs: 11AM – 7PM
Fri: 8AM – 5PM
Sat: By Appt. Only

*Updated 2/1/2021

Prepare to Launch


Mon: 8AM – 5PM
Tues: 11AM – 7PM
Wed: 8AM – 2PM
Thurs: 11AM – 7PM
Fri: 8AM – 5PM
Sat: By Appt. Only

*Updated 2/1/2021